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Latest Canada Lotto Numbers - 23 September 2017

Vikinglotto Results for 2017. This page lists all of the Vikinglotto results for 2017. Select one of the green arrows below to view further details from that draw, including a country specific prize breakdown and a count of the total number of winners from all participating countries.

Record Breaking: Woman From Norway Wins Viking Lotto

viking lotto 23/2017 This heat map shows the frequency of each of the Viking Lotto numbers in the form of a color between yellow and red. The more the color of the lotto number is towards the red, the more frequently that particular number was drawn during all Viking Lotto draws.

Vikinglotto Results for 23rd August 2017

Posted on November 23, 2017 by Jonathan New Viking Lotto Record Jackpot A woman from Norway has won more than $41,000,000 in the newest record breaking jackpot prize – this time the lotto game was the exciting VikingLotto that is played by millions each and every week on Wednesdays.

Latest Illinois Lotto Numbers - 23 October 2017

The Viking Lotto presented the world’s first lottery game that was multi-national. It was created in order for a huge jackpot lottery to be provided to the entire area of Scandinavia area and also appeal to new players and raise the turnovers of every state’s own national lottery. It started in Norsk Tipping in Harmar,… read more »

Latest New York Lotto Results - 23 December 2017

viking lotto 23/2017 All the latest lotto numbers for Bonoloto, 23 September 2017 - Check Lotto Results and play for huge jackpots every week. Play Lotto online at

Viking Lotto results › 2017-03-22

Viking Lotto vindertal 20. december 2017. Viking Lotto vindertal er noget, som lottospillere fra 8 forskellige lande i Nordeuropa venter på hver eneste onsdag, sammen med tilhørende jokertal.

Viking Lotto Vindertal 20. december 2017 - …

All the latest lotto numbers for Canada Lotto, 23 September 2017 - Check Lotto Results and play for huge jackpots every week. Play Lotto online at

Viking Lotto results 2017 - Viking Lotto numbers 2017

viking lotto 23/2017 Viking Lotto is the first multi-national lottery in the world. Since the intention is to have many players joining and producing a high prize pool, the game is available …

Vikinglotto Results for 2017

viking lotto 23/2017 Official lottery results for Saturday Lotto, 23 December 2017 - Find the latest winning numbers here. Stay up to date with the best lottery website in the world.

Lottopedia - The first lottery free encyclopedia – The

Check out Viking Lotto results 2017. Find out the winning Viking Lotto numbers 2017 as well as archive of other winning numbers.

Viking Lotto Vindertal 23. august 2017 - Trækning …

Tällä sivulla on Viking Lotto kierros -historia. Kaikkein uusimmat Viking Loton tulokset löydät hyvin pian niiden julkaisun jälkeen. Uusimmat Viking Loton tulokset löydät aina parhaiten tästä >>

Norway Lotto Winning Lotto Numbers for November 2017

viking lotto 23/2017 Norway Lotto Winning Lotto Numbers for the whole of November 2017. At Multilotto you will never miss a draw again.